Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DV Rack HD 2.0 and Vista

I am a filmmaker and video producer, using digital equipment exclusively. One of the pieces of software that I use is called DV Rack. Please bear with me, because this is complex, and is written with the hope it will help others.

DV Rack ran well on all versions of Win XP, but then along came Vista. I'm not going to trash Vista outright, but I will say Microsoft made it hard for it's customers to be kind to them. One of the ways in which this has affected me is trying to install and use the software on which I rely for my work. Enter DV Rack.

DV Rack has always had problems with the manner in which it authenticates ownership. I really thought we were beyond weird copy protection schemes, but apparently not.

Note that I have installed into Vista the Microsoft .net framework 1.1 . This is required for other software, such as P2Genie. Newer versions will not work properly.

Note also that I purchased DV Rack starting with version 1.0, and have upgraded to DV Rack HD 2.0 along the way. Therefore, installing and getting it to run properly in Vista is probably the most complicated it could be.


Once DV rack installs, it will run another program for authentication. That app will ask for your name, email address, and sometimes the installation key; sometimes the key will be automatically entered. In my case, because I had used the software on another computer and had already registered, the authentication app wouldn't take my information, and repeatedly crashed, no matter what combination or order of things I tried. It was very frustrating, and took days to figure out the proper order of things.

Cutting to the chase, here's what I had to do:
  1. Install DV Rack 1.0. Do not authenticate.
  2. Download and install the PATCH for DV Rack 1.0. It's important that this be installed before authentication.
  3. Authenticate DV Rack 1.0. In my case, I had to use a different e-mail address, getting error messages. It was not clear that DV Rack had been authenticated at this point, but it had.
  4. Install the HDV upgrade. Authenticate. I had to use the original e-mail address I used long ago when I registered that software upgrade (not the address used to authenticate V 1.0). Again, it may not be apparent that the software has authenticated.
  5. Install the upgrade for DV Rack HD 2.0. Authenticate, and use the original e-mail address, if you authenticated previously.
Voila, for me, HD Rack HD 2.0 installed in Vista and is working.

Zebron and James