Friday, August 10, 2007

Music: How filmmaking is like launching a start-up | Newsmakers | CNET

How filmmaking is like launching a start-up | Newsmakers | CNET

I found parts of this interesting, from an entrepreneurial perspective. All my life, I have been, in one form or another, starting a venture of some variety - be it a musical group or a film project. The author rightly outlines how making a film is like creating a startup business. This was a perspective I had never taken, but agree with it.

With musical groups, starting one of these is exactly like creating a startup - using personnel culled from kindergarten. Musicians - especially the better ones (with whom it has been my pleasure to work lo these past 30-some years) can be extremely trying. We all hate maintaining people, but sometimes to get a project off the ground, especially one of high caliber, one must bite the snake.

But then there are music agents. Agents need emotional massaging themselves. To conduct normal business arrangements with them will eventually find a musician in a position where he needs to get tough with them. But any time one gets tough with an agent, then ALL the work can dry up.

Musicians themselves are, well, not stupid, exactly, just not worldly. In life, we learn how to deal with conflict. If we learn it well, there is a win-win solution. Not so for musicians. The typical response from us: tell a lie, to completely avoid the situation. Which sweeps it under the rug for another day (or person).

And this is the reason why band leaders go gray early, or go bald, or become music agents.

So that's my music-related thought for the day. Feel free to comment.

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