Tuesday, October 9, 2007

For RIAA, a black eye comes with the job | Tech News on ZDNet

For RIAA, a black eye comes with the job | Tech News on ZDNet: "Yes, this is a form of tough love but it is a necessary one to protect the rights of artists," said Jonathan Lamy, an RIAA spokesman.

Spare me. This is from the same people who will bring you President Hillary Clinton because she will "help poor people." Well, she'd better, because the RIAA just introduced one more family to poverty.

One's commitment to their ideals is measured by their actions, and clearly the music industry is only on the side of the downtrodden when it's not out of their pocket. The rich and powerful get moreso.

Doesn't this cast a new light on the idea of free concerts to help others not so well-off? Or must such recipients be only in the third-world, and not reduced to poverty by the musicians themselves?

I think it would be a fitting irony if the same artists whose songs were allegedly being shared by her played at a concert to raise money for her defense.

Now that would be a statement.

Zebron and James