Friday, October 12, 2007

A jury of one's peers?

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Michael Hegg, a juror in the trial where Jammie Thomas was convicted of music copyright infringement tells Wired’s THREAT LEVEL (I am not shouting, their name is all-caps) that the jury convicted her because they wanted to send her “a message.”

Hegg said the $222,000 verdict in favor of the RIAA and six music labels was arrived at because of a compromise.

One of at least two jurors wanted to assess Thomas the maximum $150,000 per song. On the basis of $150,000 x 24 violations, that would have pushed the judgment to $3.6 million, Unidentified by name, this person is a funeral director by profession.

What’s even more incredible: Hegg told Kravets that Jammie Thomas “is a liar,” also told Kravets that he “never (has) been on the Internet.”

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