Saturday, October 6, 2007

What passes for news - Kids Fired At With Pellet Gun At School Bus Stop: "Two children were grazed by pellets. Their injuries weren't serious."

In my day, you weren't anybody unless you'd been shot with a BB gun. Or had a schoolyard fight. Or something similar. I even have scars (call Social Services!!).

In our zeal to protect our children, we are taking away the most valuable of life experiences: how to handle conflict. What we end up with are people who try to deal with conflict, but go too far (see the story about two girls who got into a bitch-fest via text messaging, and one appeared the next day at the school with a hunting knife to gut her opponent). Alternatively, we have adults who have no idea how to deal with life's problems, other than to seek out a new therapist. God, what a society we're creating.

And look at the media: here we have a major local TV station, reporting this nonsense. It's a prank. Puhleeze. There are enough problems here that need actual reporting. For example, why is there no outrage in Baltimore over violence that leaves teens and adults alike dead, when in Philadelphia, a city with less than half the murder rate than that of Baltimore, they are mobilizing to put a stop to it. Why does Baltimore tolerate it? Now, that's news.

Leave the kids alone, other than to guide them. Leave the authorities out of it. Leave the courts out of it. Let the kids, with their parents' advice, figure out how to solve their own problems. Like we did in the old days.

I don't recall anyone dying from a pellet wound. But I recall some serious "conflict resolution" resulting from it.

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