Wednesday, August 8, 2007

MUSIC: New Amp!

This is stupid but I'm excited about it. My 10" combo amp - used for quick and small casual dates - released the magic smoke for the last time, so I needed a new amp for those jobs. After lots of looking around and hand-wringing, I finally settled on an Ashdown MAG C115-300. 307 growling, snotty watts with a lone, bring-it-on 15, and NO tweeter nor horn. It's like actually playing bass again: no pseudo-PA with high frequency horns and such, just electricity in one end and lots of air pumping tone out the other. A nice, useless but fun touch is the analog VU meter. The fanning needle gives me something to try and bend while playing boring songs. (UPDATE: The Vu meter turns out to be actually useful - one can see what he's actually doing, and approaching areas of distortion, Much better than a simple LED on many amps.)

I really like this amp - punchy and deep and overbearing where you want it to be. And a good size for small dates. Very cool, even if it is frickin' made in China (I hate that... Will it poison my dog or give lead poisoning to the kid next door?).

Thanks to Tod Eliot from Washington Music Center for the help with this purchase!

Zebron and James