Tuesday, December 18, 2007

GREED: MPAA, RIAA Got Nuthin' on the NFL

Some seriously bad mojo coming from the folks at the NFL. In their attempts to control their image, the NFL is trying to use existing law to control the free reporting of the NFL. And of course, it's all about money.

Techdirt: Sports Organizations Worldwide Using Copyright Claims To Fight Press Coverage:
"Various sports organizations seem to have taken a page from the RIAA and the MPAA over the last few years, stupidly thinking that it makes sense to try to cash in on every little segment of their events, even if it hurts the promotional value of those events, killing off fan interest in the process. We'd mentioned earlier this year how the NFL was claiming that it could control how reporters reported on NFL players and events. Soon after that, we wrote about how the organizers of the Rugby World Cup faced a boycott from reporters, after they tried to put restrictions on the reporting as well. In both cases, the sporting leagues are claiming they can do this because they own the 'intellectual property' rights on the events -- which is a total bastardization of the purpose of copyright. It's never been meant to restrict how reporters could report on the events."

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