Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Harry's New Toy - Zoom B2.1u

I found that surrendering to the masses isn't so bad after all. This bass multi-pedal is nice. I bought it specifically to fatten up the sound of my Ashdown single 15 combo while playing in 3 piece groups, and it does that handily - with other FX, as well.

So far, I'm still playing with the presets in the box. The Ampeg SVT/810e preset seems good on paper, so I started with that. Guess what? It actually sounds a bit thin. The fattest straight amp sound so far is the SWR model. Through the Ashdown, I actually got it to growl. The Marcus Miller sound is also a good one.

I had looks from all the other players when we went into a Sly and the Family Stone song and I buggered in the funk-wah. Hoo boy, where's my furry pimp hat?...

I needed to be careful of the flanger - this is a powerful effect in this stomp box with a lot of range, and can cut the low end tremendously if not set judiciously.

So far it's fun and useful. The only downside is the foot pedal - the stroke is too short to make fine adjustments, and I think I'd have been better off getting the pedal-less model.

More later...

I have succumbed to the mournful wail of bass multi-effects. Actually, I am just looking for something to fatten up the sound of the 3-piece groups with which I play, and my old pedalboard is just too big to bring out to these little gigs. I have no stage room to put it.

Enter the Zoom B2.1u or whatever the hell it's called. Must've been named by a crackhead or something, uttering sounds through his drool. But there it is.

The unit does a load of stuff, and the learning curve for programming it is high, indeed, because it does so much. I'll be commenting more on it as I get more familiar with it.

Wish me luck...

Zebron and James