Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shut Yer Piehole

Don't you wish musicians could keep quiet about politics? Every time I hear a musician or, especially, an actor, spout pronouncements politik, I head for the gag bucket. Their stupidity and lack of knowledge about the subject is apparent and breathtaking. And this is true no matter which side they support.

The problem for entertainers is that discussions of politics and religion divide and anger people. And that's not a good thing when an artist is trying to develop and support a fan base. So in this sense, it's even more stupid than the things they say about each candidate.

From my perspective, I know that if I cover a song from someone who supports a candidate that I don't, then my effort will lead to that musician prospering from my work, and therefore I am, by proxy, supporting his candidate. So my rule: If anyone espouses politics with which I don't agree, I don't play their songs. Terrible situation, ain't it? And I don't like being put in that position.

I like the rock answer best: Shut the !@#$ up and play.

Zebron and James