Thursday, April 9, 2009

Those Crazy British Cops!

‘Foolish’ photography condemned - Times Online: "
Penryn A Cornish photographer has been ordered by the police to take down a montage of properties called Suspected Second Homes after an increase in the number of burglaries.

Oliver Udy, a 26-year-old teacher, of Penryn, wanted to highlight the number of houses that were occupied for part of the year. “People who own second homes are contributing to the death of the community. They are also pushing up property prices. It would be naive not to realise that there is a lot of anger about this.”

The exhibition was on the King Harry Ferry, which crosses the River Fal near Falmouth, Cornwall. It featured 40 images of homes in Feock, Portscatho, Penwith, Fowey and Roseland. Police said: “This sort of photo-journalistic essay can only be seen as foolish.”"

Zebron and James