Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 2010 Grammies

This was the first year I watched the Grammies.  I'm sending a bill to The recording Academy - whoever they are - for my wasted time.

I saw only a couple of bright spots:

Stephen Colbert was right on when he chastised them for not including Susan Boyle. One comment that seemed to fall flat was saying that their  industry was saved by a "48-year-old Scottish cat lady in sensible shoes." They can't handle the truth. 

Another bright spot was  that at least someone can sing. Pink can really do it  (which I already knew). She did a much harder thing with her vocals than anyone there, including The Annointed One, Beyonce. It's much more difficult to sing softly and accurately than it is to belt it out. But even that was ruined with her cirque-du-soleil nonsense. Musical performers only take the attention away from their music when they give the audience a huge visual show.

Speaking of Beyonce, I wasn't big on her man-hating-themed show. And her crotch-grabbing. Who's that lady?

Speaking of crotches, haven't we seen enough of Lada Gaga? When she mounts the piano bench, I wonder how the suction doesn't get her stuck to it. Her show should be sponsored by Glade air spray.

The Grammys are more and more like the BET talent show to me - where's the rock music? They give awards for rock, but you never see them. Unless it has something to do with a black rapper. Remember Joe Perry emerging from obscurity when he played the Grammies with Run DMC? As one who is down in the trenches on music, I know that rock music is more popular than ever.

Lastly, what in God's name are the Grammies? It's an award given by the Recording Academy for what they feel are good records.  But who are they? And does what they do make one better than another? Of course not.  it's all just big hoopla marketing.

In short, this is nothing more than a musical popularity contest run by people with no musical talent.

The thing that makes me really sad is that people seem to just want to be told what to like.  I tell them, Keep the faith, and like what you like.  Don't let "The Academy" define your tastes.

Zebron and James