Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speeding Up FIOS Internet

I got FIOS a few months ago in response to Comcast's internet dropping out incessantly.  FIOS has been like a rock, but unfortunately also like a stone in terms of speed.  I mean in some cases, as slow as dial-up.  The answer is to optimize the internet registry settings.

FIOS knows this, and has a speed optimizer tool to do it for you.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.  Being on Windows 7, it didn't for me. But I found the problem.

You can go to the FIOS speed Optimizer page, and it will tell you to run Internet Explorer in Administrator mode.  No problem.  But when you try to click on the critical "optimize" link, nothing. It just stares at you.

The trick is to run the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer.  I had been using the 64-bit version, which is the default IE for Win7 64-bit.  So, run IE 32-bit in Admin mode, go to the Optimizer page, follow the directions, and it should go. Whee!

Sheesh, you'd think the FIOS guys would tell you this.

Zebron and James